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Piano Tuning Vernon CT, Tolland CT

Piano Tuning Vernon CT, Tolland CT

Trust Ted Williams for piano tuning Vernon CT, Tolland CT. Ted has years of experience repairing and tuning pianos for homes and professional performance. He established Connecticut Piano Tuning in 1995, based in Hebron CT.  As a professional musician, Ted naturally brings his passion and expertise to every job. With Connecticut Piano Tuning, he provides his clientele with honest assessment and brings industry best practices to every project. Rely on Connecticut Piano Tuning for concert-quality piano tuning, voicing, and restoration.

An accomplished classical and jazz pianist and music teacher, Ted appreciates the impact music has in bringing families together. As he also provides piano lessons, Ted understands the importance of a well tuned piano in your home. A well tuned piano sounds better and is more fun to play! Tuning your piano helps to protect your investment. When you are looking for professional piano lessons, call Ted Williams.

Most manufacturers recommend tuning twice a year, to deal with changing humidity levels. Severely out-of-tune pianos may require more time, or a follow-up tuning to make sure they stay in tune. Ted will offer expert advice when it comes to maintaining your family heirloom piano. He is an accomplished classical and jazz pianist and gives piano lessons in his Hebron CT home. Call Ted Williams at 860-228-0309.

Connecticut Piano Tuning service area includes all the towns of Tolland County, including: Somers, Stafford, Union, Ellington, Vernon, Tolland, Willington, Bolton, Coventry, Mansfield, Hebron, Andover, and Columbia.


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Piano Tuning Vernon CT, Tolland CT | Connecticut Piano Tuning