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What Our Customers are Saying



“I’ve been using Ted for the last five years to tune my SOHMER Grand Piano. He is the best piano tuner I’ve ever used in my professional experience. The piano always sounds fantastic when he’s done tuning and holds tune for a long time. Whenever the soundboard gets dusty he cleans the piano internally, lubricates all the internal mechanisms and hand polishes the cabinet and the keys with CORY piano products. The piano looks shiny and new when he is done and helps the instrument keep it’s maximum value. I always enjoy having lively conversations with him about music history and performers. Ted is a wonderful tuner and will help you keep the piano in your family for generations!”


“Ted Williams has serviced our piano for two years, essentially bringing it back to life after it had languished untouched and ignored in an empty nest. He first tuned it back to respectability and subsequently performed an extensive regulation, cleaning and retuning. This procedure involved refurbishing each key and replacing worn felt pads. Ted spent eight hours restoring our piano to its glory days thirty years ago. He took such pride in his work and hardly charged what his skills and efforts were worth. I enjoyed his company and appreciated his enthusiasm for his calling. He is a true professional who gets satisfaction from a job well done. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to hear their piano sing again.”


“Ted has done an outstanding job of tuning our family pianos for over twenty years.  He was a wonderful piano teacher for our daughter and helped appraise a YAMAHA Grand piano her grandfather purchased for her as a gift in 2005.  Ted has kept the piano in superb condition by utilizing the four cornerstones of piano maintenance:  Tuning, Cleaning, Regulation and Climate Control.  The piano looks brand new after being cleaned and polished by hand and always sounds like it’s in perfect tune from annual tunings.  The Damp Chaser Climate control system helps keep the soundboard, pinblock, cabinet and bridges in excellent condition.  If you want a Piano Teacher/Tuner to help make music a part of your family life and maintain an heirloom quality instrument at all times Ted is the Man!”


“I bought an old piano for my grandchildren to study music on that was way out of tune and had many dead keys and broken strings.  Ted performed a miracle on the piano tuning and repairing the instrument.  He worked on the piano relentlessly for two days to get it back to A440 concert pitch and repair all the keys and broken strings.  He was very patient with my grandchildren during the process answering their questions and letting them put in some of the punchings under the keys!  He clearly has a love for music, pianos and children and has been a key asset in helping my family’s music education.”


“I had a fire in my home that caused some smoke and heat damage to my 1942 CABLE NELSON Upright.  I thought the piano was ruined but Ted saved it.  He pulled the entire piano apart to do repairs and a regulation.  I watched him file the hammers to make them like new, replace the punchings, clean the piano internally and externally and adjust the action mechanisms.  After several tunings the piano sounds and looks beautiful again.  Ted is also a fantastic pianist and he made this process entertaining by playing some of my favorite songs during this process.  I’m so happy that I can enjoy playing my piano that I love with Ivory keys and I don’t have to get a new one!”


“I have known Ted Williams for quite a number of years having used him to tune school and church pianos as well as my personal piano. First and foremost Ted is very dependable and knows pianos really well! Always he comes at the appointed time and does an excellent job. He has done major work on our church piano and recently my personal STEINWAY. I was very satisfied with his work plus he polished the pianos! I highly recommend Ted for your piano servicing needs.”